JEFFREY YI  :  designer

Personal Projects


As part of an expressive type class project, I decided to hand-letter Borns' "your electric love" lyric and fuse that with a Vegas-style neon light direction to create a short video that brought the message to life.



This calligraphy style is called Gothicized Italic, and was executed using a parallel pen. The original work is from Sheila Waters, which inspired me to create this replica shown below. The rhythm and the subtle details to this style, as opposed to the normal black lettering was very interesting to learn. 


Gothicized Italic.JPG



In 2017, to celebrate their 25th anniversary of Premiere Pro, Adobe put on a competition called "Make the Cut." Video editors were asked to edit a video of Imagine Dragons using exclusive footages from their single "Believer" (which were provided by director Matt Eastin). Make the Cut received approximately 9,000 submissions from 28 countries. Below is my rendition of the music video.