JEFFREY YI  :  designer

Album and Poster Designs



This poster was inspired by the song "Rylynn" from one of Andy McKee's albums. This beautiful instrumental piece was written when Andy's close friend's baby (Rylynn) passed away at the age of 3. 

This poster was inspired by one of Andy's facebook posts dedicated to Rylynn. There was an unexpected outpouring of support from parents who also had children named Rylynn, and they began posting pictures of their Rylynn on this post. Andy and his friends, parents to Rylynn, were completely in awe of the amazing responses.


The objective was to create a simple and clean design with small details that provide meaningful insight as an interpretation to Andy McKee's guitar instrumentals. The string concept has been extended to the album design from the poster above. A leather patch has been integrated as part of the design to further symbolize Andy's music, which will age gracefully with time.

Contrasting expressive eyes are shown on each side of the vinyl record, as Andy's instrumentals can be interpreted differently from listener to listener. Additionally, a portrait of Andy is shown on the inside, drawn through lines, illustrating the feel of vibrating guitar strings.